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The objective of the Admission policy is to:

  • Ensure that TNG School follows a fair, transparent, and appropriate admission procedures which provides equal opportunities to all candidates 
  • Provide clear guidance and define all the requirements for admission to prospective candidates according to their class and campus
  • Encourage partnership between school, parents, and candidates
  • Ease the process of admission for parents and candidates
  • Ensure that the admissions process complies with the policies of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education
  • Ensure a transparent, efficient and merit-based admission process


The Next Generation School accepts applications of all those candidates who apply through the defined admission process, which is fair, transparent and in compliance with the MoEHE requirements subjected to the following:

A candidate must:

  • Possess a valid Qatar National ID card or valid Qatari resident permit.
  • Reach the appropriate age for the year group on or before 30th September
  • Have passed the previous class/year from a recognized educational institution and possess a valid attested original certificate
  • Attain the minimum set criteria of the assessment test and interview
  • Possess a stable mental and physical health condition
  • Possess good behaviour and good conduct
  • Be proficient in communicating in the English language.
  • Availability of the seats
  • Meet all criteria defined by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education which are updated from time to time


The registration process for an academic session begins from March of each year until the IV Quarter of the same year.  Registration after the mentioned period may require approval from the Private Schools Department MoEHE.

The academic session begins in the III quarter every year; the exact dates are announced by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. However, the admission process begins earlier as announced by the TNG management based on the availability of seats.


There are two terms in an academic session:

  • Term 1: August - December
  • Term 2:  January - June

Terms schedule may change as per the directives of MoEHE.

Fee Structure:

The school fee is payable in advance for the entire academic session as per the approved and published fee tariff by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The tuition fee and transport fee may be divided into three installments payable on the dates mentioned in the invoice shared at the beginning of the Academic Year. 

The fee structure is as approved by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and may change as per MoEHE directives.


  • The registration fee is payable once at the time of admission for each student.
  • All fees (Tuition, Transport fees & supplementary fees) are invoiced in advance at the beginning of each academic session.
  • The invoiced fee has to be paid on or before the date mentioned.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the invoiced fees are paid before the commencement of each academic session.
  • Tuition fees and transport fees must be paid for the full term if a student is admitted during the first half of a term.
  • All mentioned fees are non-refundable and non-transferable except the security fee.
  • Bank transfer is the preferred and most convenient method of fee payment however, cash, cheque, debit, and credit cards (Master and Visa only) are also accepted.
  • Report cards will be issued once the outstanding amount of each term is settled.
  • School leaving certificate will be issued once all the dues are paid in full as per policy.
  • The seat reservation fee (for the next academic session) is non-refundable in any case and will be adjusted in the Tuition fee of the next academic session.
  • In case of the withdrawal of admission for any reason during a Term, for which a student was enrolled for more than 30 calendar days, tuition fee and transport fee shall be paid in full for the whole term, else amount equivalent to the number of calendar days the students were enrolled shall be paid.

Supplementary Payables Fees:

NOTES: All fees including the Tuition fee and Supplementary payables fees mentioned except security fees are non-refundable and non-transferable in any situation.

All fees are for entire academic sessions and are payable as invoiced. 


Registration Fee / Admission Fee once at the time of registration (non-refundable)

Transport Fee  (depends upon the area of residence) per academic session

Books fee once every academic session

Stationery once every academic session

Security Fee (refundable if all dues are clear at the time of leaving the school.)  to be paid once at the time of registration

Seat reservation fee for next academic session

(Nonrefundable in any case and will be adjusted in the Term I fee of next academic year.)

Entrance Test Fee (from Year 1 to Year 13, non-refundable)

IGCSE O-Level, AS Level, A Level (from Year 10 - 13, once in academic session) 

The fee is charged as per the tariff received by the British Council.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examination (for Year 6, once in academic session) 

The fee is charged as per the tariff received by the British Council.


The following eligibility criterion must be met by each candidate:

Age Group:

The candidate will be offered a placement based on age criteria as per the directives of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) and appropriate age criteria defined by the Cambridge International curriculum as per the below table:

Key Stage

Class Level

Age as on

30th September


Early Years / KG 1

3-4 years

Reception / KG 2

4-5 years

Key Stage 1

Year 1

5-6 years

Year 2

6-7 years

Key stage 2

Year 3

7-8 years

Year 4

8-9 years

Year 5

9-10 years

Year 6

10-11 years

Key stage 3

Year 7

11-12 years

Year 8

12-13 years

Year 9

13-14 years

Key stage 4

Year 10

15-16 years

Year 11

16-17 years

Year 12

17-18 years

Key stage 5

Year 13

18-19 years

Priority Admissions:

TNG School offers priority to siblings of existing TNG students, and candidates attending British and Cambridge curriculum schools or nurseries. However, this does not guarantee admission; all candidates applying for placement including those with priority will be required to go through the entire admission process.

Process of Admission Application

  • Parents are requested to visit the TNG website i.e., to apply online. 
  • Once the application is received by the Registrar, it is reviewed and forwarded to the Ministry PRO for the student's status to be checked in the National Student Information System by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. 
  • Should there be some feedback needed to be shared with parents in terms of the student's status or missing documents - it is shared after the review. 
  • Once the parent reverts back, the application is reviewed again and the assessment is scheduled.
  • Once the student completes the assessment, it is checked by the faculty and the result is shared with the parents within 3 working days. 
  • Should the student meet the entrance criteria, the offer for admission is sent. Should the student fail to meet the criteria, the parent is informed accordingly. 

Please note: All communication is through emails. 

Required Documents:

  • Valid Qatari identity card of student
  • Passport copy of the student
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Two recent passport-size photographs
  • Copy of health card
  • Health Record File from the health center
  • Copy of Vaccination certificates in accordance with the Qatar National Vaccination program
  • Duly filled and signed enrolment form
  • Desirable school leaving certificate from the previous school, mentioning all the dues are cleared, and the student is transferable through the NSIS
  • Copy of a certificate of success at the end of the last academic year showing the student's grades
  • Copy of valid Qatar ID card and passport of both the parents
  • Copy of residence address blue board
  • IGCSE O level Certificate of Results for admission to Year 12. The minimum requirement is a C grade in the IGCSE O-level examination.
  • CAIE AS level Certificate of Results for admission to Year 13.
  • If the students attended the last school outside Qatar, all the educational documents shall be attested by the competent authorities of the country and MOFA Qatar 

Approval from MoEHE:

Ministry of Education and Higher Education is the regulatory authority for private schools and in some cases, approval from MoEHE may be required for admission.

Initial assessment test:

The initial assessment test is mandatory for all candidates. All candidates applying for admission, including those with priority (siblings of existing students), must appear and pass an entrance assessment test. The Year I - Year VIII test covers English language competencies and key learning areas in Numeracy, while the Year IX and the above test covers Science.

Candidates applying to Kindergarten must also demonstrate that they meet the entrance requirements appropriate to their age group through an oral assessment for Early Years and a written assessment for Reception. It is mandatory for students applying for Kindergarten to be potty-trained. 

TNG's Registrar will schedule the assessment test for the candidates meeting the eligibility criteria and inform parents about the assessment test schedule.

Students joining mid-session, i.e., after the completion of Term I shall be assessed based on the syllabus covered in Term I. Further to that, students of Year VI joining mid-session shall also be assessed for Science. 

Passing Scores: 

ScienceTotalPass %
Year 12525
Year 22525
Year 32525
Year 42525
Year 52525
Year 62525
Year 74040
Year 84040
Year 940402010080%


If and when required, candidates will need to successfully pass a face-to-face interview, which is conducted in the English language and will assess basic academic competencies, general knowledge, confidence, and thought process. The Principal or Headmistress will interview all candidates before acceptance as part of the enrolment process.

TNG Registrar will schedule a face-to-face interview, for those candidates who will pass the assessment test,   and inform parents about the schedule of a face-to-face interview.


Placement may be offered at any campus of TNG according to the availability of the program, seat, and area where the candidate resides.

The candidate or student may be transferred to any campus of TNG according to the availability of the program, seat, and where the candidate or student resides.

Admission Offers and Acceptance:

TNG's Registrar will offer Admission to a candidate, who meets all eligibility criteria and successfully passes the assessment test and interview. The admission offer must be accepted by the parents within three working days. 

Medical conditions and Records:

TNG School requires current and accurate information regarding a candidate's or students' medical, mental, and physiological health conditions. Parents must provide and update the school should the circumstances change. Records of previous medical treatments, allergies, and vaccination must be provided at the time of registration.

TNG is a mainstream school hence we are unable to accept children with special needs. Candidates must be physically, mentally, intellectually, and physiologically fit.  We hope the parents of Special Children understand the limited capabilities and resources of TNG school.


TNG School considers that good student behaviour is fundamental in enabling the best learning experience possible, and all students enrolled at the school should have a positive attitude to learning and respect for the school community. Placement is offered subject to good conduct and behaviour.


School may accept the re-admission of those students who maintained a good disciplinary record while at TNG previously. Parents may apply for re-admission providing a valid reason.

Withdrawal of Admission:

  • A child may be withdrawn from the school by giving written notice at least one month before withdrawal and by providing a valid reason for the withdrawal
  • The parent should meet the Principal or Headmistress and give a written request for the withdrawal
  • The security fee is refundable subject to a one-month notice of withdrawal is given in writing
  • Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds:
    • Disciplinary
    • Unsatisfactory progress in academics
    • Continuous absence or Irregular Attendance
    • Aggression by students or parents against, fellow students, staff or school
    • Medical, mental, and physiological health conditions.
    • The minimum requirement is a C grade in the IGCSE O-level examination to continue in Year 12. Any student who fails to get this minimum requirement, may not be able to continue with TNG for his Year 12
    • The minimum requirement is a D grade at AS level to appear for the A2 level examination. A student who fails to get this minimum requirement may not be able to continue with TNG for Year 13

Review and Improvements:

TNG Management shall continue to review and improve the policy as a quality process. Fee structure may change upon the directives and approval of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Declaration by the parents:

  • I confirm that all of the information I have disclosed in this application form is, to the best of my knowledge, true and accurate.
  • I confirm that I have legal custody of the child for whom I am registering interest.
  • I have read, understood, and shall abide by the admission and fee policy.
  • I realize the right to use all the mentioned information for quality and analysis purposes.
Name: Parent ofSignatureDate